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Awards and Recognition

The Okinawa Chapter of JALT has several awards in honor of those who have achieved excellence.

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The Best of JALT & Conference Presentation Awards


Rab Paterson

2020, MBP: Multimedia
Book Review Presentations 


Matthew Cotter

2019, The Maori Haka: Cultural Understanding Through Traditional Performance


Curtis Kelly

2018, Dealing with Difficult Students: 3L Psychology

In recognition of those who have delivered the best presentations at JALT chapter events, the Michele Steele "Best of JALT" award is highly sought and greatly respected. The Okinawa Chapter is honored to have had several notable speakers share their knowledge with us, and we wish to express our deep appreciation for their outstanding presentations. 

The Best of JALT, Okinawa Chapter 

Tomoko Yashima.jpg

 Tomoko Yashima

2017, L2 Motivation and Willingness to Communicate in a Globalizing World


Andy Boon

2016, Beyond Trends: Teachers as Researchers


Howard Higa

2015, Sprucing up Your
"Assigned" Textbook


David Kluge

2014, Sharing Responsibility: Self-Assessment and Self-Evaluation

Jon Dujmovich

2013, Curiosity to Competency: Intercultural Activities for the Language Classroom


Jerald Halvorsen

2009, Organizing Intensive
English Camps

Marble Surface


Trends in Language Teaching International Conference

Presentation Awards

Marble Surface


Howard Higa
Best Poster Presentation


Anthony Sellick and James Bury  Outstanding Poster Presentation

Ashley Ford

Excellent Poster Presentation

Norman Fewell

Outstanding Poster 

Marble Surface


Howard Higa

Outstanding Poster Presentation

Takaaki Hiratsuka

Excellent Poster Presentation

Charlotte Lin

Outstanding Poster


Shohei Anan

Best Student Poster Presentation 


Charlotte Lin

Outstanding Poster Presentation

Samantha May

Excellent Poster Presentation

Lorraine Kipling

Outstanding Poster




Honorary Awards

In recognition of those who have excelled in contributing to the development
of the Okinawa Chapter of JALT, we wish to offer our appreciation.

Outstanding Student Presentations

21st Century Language Teaching Conference  2020

Honami Kimoto

Aya Yamauchi

Mitsuki Saito


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