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JALT 2021

The JALT 47th Annual International Conference will be held from November 12 to 15, 2021 in Shizouka, Japan and online. Register soon!


Chairs Wanted

The planning process for the PanSIG 2023 Conference will be soon underway. Step one is finding the Conference Chairs. Interested in give it a go? Below, see more details.

Money Talks


Need some money for your research endeavors?  There's a cash giveaway to 3 lucky winners. Check to see if you qualify for JALT'$ Re$earch Grant$.

Yen Bills

Film Festival

Lookout Hollywood! JALT's neighbor and friend, KOTESOL will be holding a Filmmaking Festival and National Conference.

Film Slate Marker

Mask & Gavel

Submissions for volume 10 of the Mask & Gavel, the Performance in Education SIG Journal, are currently being sought. Don't let the cover scare you.
Deadline: July 31, 2021.

Lucky Seven

JALT has given away TESOL International Association memberships to 7 lucky JALT members. Congratulations to the winners! We wonder if they'll ever come back.  

Coffee Break

Cafe Opens

The Multilingual Cafe was recently established to provide language communities, other than English, a place to converge. No word if Esperanto is spoken or if espressos are available.

PanSIG 2021

The PanSIG 2021 Conference was held on May 14-16 in Nagano and online. The theme was Local and Global Perspectives:
Plurilingualism and Multilingualism. Organizers were pleased with the turnout and quality of presentations. 


The Listening SIG Podcast

If you had to guess which SIG would start a podcast, it would be a no-brainer. Contact the Listening SIG to join the  
Hear Us Out! podcast.


Keep Listening

The Listening SIG has been making lots of noise lately. The Listening Post is the SIG's latest project. If interested in submitting an academic article to The Post, contact the Listening SIG below.

Testing and Evaluation

The Testing and Evaluation SIG will release the results of its latest issue of Shiken: A Journal of Language Testing and Evaluation in Japan.

Man Wearing Protective Mask

JALT Journal

The Nagoya Chapter has published its second volume of the Nagoya JALT Journal.  Grab a cup of joe and enjoy some relaxing academic reading. 

Coffee and Book


21CLT Conference 

Okinawa JALT is running full-speed ahead and making plans for its next major event,  the 21st Century Language Teaching Conference 2021 (21CLT).  This annual conference has often been held at Okinawa AMICUS International but will be online this year. Most details are currently being planned, but a date has been set.  Mark your calendars for October 3, 2021 (Sunday).  Please check for the latest updates.


Okinawan Studies


We have started the process for creating a new Special Interest Group (SIG). This will be the first SIG within a Chapter of JALT.  In an effort to connect us more closely with the local community, an Okinawan Studies SIG will be formed as we hope to collaborate with scholars in this intriguing academic field.  If interested in learning more, contact us at

ににねね 文字2.png

Summer Symposium

In celebration of Okinawa JALT surpassing 40 years, the conference theme was "Okinawa JALT @ 40: Examining the Past, Present, and Future of Language Education." The conference was held online on July 25th. See below for more info.

Microphone Closeup

It's Show Time


We will offer several presentation formats for a future event (TBA), including: research presentations, teaching practices, and workshops. Please register early, as the conference date is quickly approaching!

Submission Deadline for Presentation Proposals ends on (TBA).  

Scott Thornbury

One of our keynote speakers for the Summer Symposium was legendary TESOL expert Scott Thornbury. He is an award-winning author and leading authority in all things TESOL.


Andy Curtis

We also had Andy Curtis as a keynote speaker for the Summer Symposium. Andy served as the 50th president of TESOL International and is recognized as the "Fifty Most Influential Figures" in the field. 

Andy Curtis 300h.jpg

SNS 100%

The Okinawa JALT Publicity Team has recently expanded our presence in several SNS platforms. We want information to be more easily accessible for all members and friends of JALT.


OkiJALT Swag

We have finalized designs and orders for a small batch of Okinawa JALT polo shirts.  We plan to make these available to everyone at the first regular conference. We'll keep you posted!

PIE SIG Agreement


We are happy to announce that we have signed an "Agreement for Cooperation and Exchange" with our long-time partner and friend, the Performance in Education Special Interest Group of JALT.  We believe this will be a recipe for success.


Okinawa JALT Journal

The Okinawa Chapter is currently finalizing details for the creation of a dedicated publication for academic and practice-based articles for our members, affiliates, and conference presenters. We hope to launch the journal later this year.

Girl in Library
Group Seflie



If you love taking selfies, then we'll love having you as the official Okinawa JALT Instagrammar.  Note: Selfie stick and iPhone required. If interested, please send a selfie to the link below.

Ellis in Oki.jpg

Rod Ellis Sets
Fashion Trend


According to Ellis (2021), Okinawa JALT's kariyushi shirts are very cool and comfortable.  The acquisition of kariyushi wear is something on everyone's mind. We are making plans for some new designs for 2021. Please stay posted!

Flickr Clicker

Okinawa JALT has launched its official Flickr page. Sounds good, but there's just one problem: We need a camera, photographer and photos.  If interested, please click below.

Winter Photographer

3:00 AM Tweets


BREAKING : Okinawa JALT is searching for
the next Donald T to help us on Twitter.
Fight the FAKE NEWS!
If selected, we'll make you the next president.
Contact us at

Business People Talking

Set and Linkedin

We just launched our Linkedin account. Please come and follow us for job announcements and updates!


Interest in Pinterest


Yes, another SNS platform and another announcement of a launch. Sounds crazy? Well, it probably is. Please check us out on Pinterest. We plan to collect and share a bunch of cool and meaningless stuff.

SIG Coordinator of Okinawan Studies


We are excited to announce that Professor Howard Higa of Chubu Gakuin University has been selected as the Okinawan Studies SIG Coordinator.  Dr. Higa has always maintained a strong interest in Okinawa, completing his dissertation in Okinawan-Hawaiian diaspora and regularly visiting the island. 

If interested in joining the SIG, please contact us at


Summer Symposium Program Schedule


The conference was a huge success with hundreds of attendees from over two dozen countries.  We can't bring you back in a time machine, but the program schedule might be helpful. PDF File!

ali-i am the greatest_edited_edited.jpg

All of the greatest presenters and winners of the esteemed "Best of Okinawa JALT" awards have made a comeback. The former champions have returned to Okinawa for the Summer Symposium as presenters or VIP attendees. The event was a celebration of Okinawa JALT's 40th anniversary and was held on July 25th. Attendees were glad to have gotten a ringside seat for this knockout event. Check the conference section of this website for more details. 

Don't Speak

Keep it a Secret


The Summer Symposium had some of the most famous scholars in the world. We were worried that too many people would join the event since it was also FREE.  We asked everyone to be discreet about the conference Zoom information. They didn't; record numbers!

25 July, 12:00 JST (GMT+8)

Zoom ID: ----

Passcode: ----

"Best of JALT"


International Membership


Okinawa JALT is introducing an international membership for anyone living overseas but interested in becoming a part of our organization. International members may attend most Okinawa JALT events without paying any conference fees.  We are currently offering International Memberships to anyone interested for free. Check the link below for more information.


V.I.P. Membership


Okinawa JALT offers VIP Memberships to an exclusive and small selection of scholars, practitioners, and volunteers who have contributed to the aims of the Chapter.  VIP Membership is limited to a few candidates each year by the Executive Council of Okinawa JALT. 

Image by
Live Show Recording

Lights, Camera, Action


We have just launched the official Okinawa JALT YouTube channel. A selection of presentations from our recent conferences have been uploaded. Come and checkout the channel before it becomes viral and see all of the great YouTube stars who have presented at Okinawa JALT.  Don't forget to bookmark, like, and subscribe! 


OkiJALT Elections
on Halloween


What better day for elections than a holiday full of surprises?  Okinawa JALT elections have often been a lot like Halloween. It can become a frightening event, but don't let that scare you from voting. We'll keep you updated on every detail of the nomination and voting process.

Okinawa JALT
Gold Membership


Okinawa JALT is now offering a special Gold Membership to seniors over the age of 65 years old. Gold members may attend most Okinawa JALT events without paying any conference fees. We are currently offering Gold Memberships to anyone interested for free.  If you would like more information, please check our "Membership" section of this website. See the link below.


Fight the Power!


A power grab is taking place on October 31st as Okinawa JALT is bracing for the upcoming Halloween elections.  Run for office, get involved and make a difference!  We are opening up nominations for all officer positions.  Stay posted for the official announcement on nominations. Fight the power!

Business Meeting

Executive Council Established


In December of 2020, a new "Executive Council" was established with membership consisting of the current chapter president and the past two presidents. This will be an advisory group for the president to seek counsel. It may assist in a smooth transition from one administration to the next. Additionally, it ensures a means of input between the current and former chapter presidents.


Hokkaido-Okinawa Chapters Unite


The coolest and hottest JALT Chapters have made it official. The Hokkaido and Okinawa Chapters of JALT have signed an agreement of "Cooperation and Exchange" to strengthen ties between them.  We look forward to many great collaborative projects in the near future. 

International Agreement with KOTESOL Chapter


Okinawa JALT is ready to reach out to the world.  As such, we are pleased to announce that we have signed an "Agreement for Cooperation and Exchange" on August 24th with the Gwangju-Jeonnam Chapter of KOTESOL.  This agreement will be mutually beneficial for our organizations. We are looking forward to working on many great projects with the Gwangju-Jeonnam Chapter in the very near future. 

Korean Drum Performance

More Info:
21st CLT Conference


We are announcing additional details about the 21st Century Language Teaching Conference. Most notable, the conference theme will be "Children and Technology," and the keynote speakers are Cheryl Chia and Yitzha Sarwono.  This online event will be held on October 3rd and registration for presentation proposals ends September 25th. There is a small fee of 1,000 yen for non-JALT members and JALT members can attend/present for free. 

Political Conference

Looking Sharp

The final touches of our new polo shirts have been completed. Okinawa JALT's mascot, Nini, was given a fashion makeover with a costume from the traditional Okinawan eisa dance.  It should be a big hit! The shirts have already arrived. Keep an eye out!

Video Conference

Zoom Fridays


Okinawa JALT holds a regular Friday Zoom session with members and friends of JALT.  It's a time to get together and chat with one another.  We usually start around 7:30 pm.  Please drop by for a chat.  If interested, contact us at