Trends in Language Teaching International Conference

The "Trends in Language Teaching International Conference" was founded in 2014 and featured poster presentations to allow participants more opportunities for face-to-face interaction with conference attendees. We have since expanded the platforms to include multiple ways of sharing insight with one another. Okinawa JALT will continue to pursue some of the most dynamic educators and scholars as our keynote and featured speakers.



Keynote Speaker:

Andy Boon, Toyo Gakuen University   

Giving a Speech


Keynote Speakers:

Tomoko Yashima, Kansai University
Rab Paterson, Toyo University

High Fives


Keynote Speakers:

David Kluge, Nanzan University

Andy Boon, Toyo Gakuen University  



Keynote Speakers: 
Jim Elwood, Meiji University
Andrew Meyerhoff, Saga University


Trends in Language Teaching International Conference

List of Presenters

We would like to express our appreciation to all of the presenters who have come to the Trends in Language Teaching International Conference!

Shizuyo Asai, Ritsumeikan University
Stuart Champion, Kanda University
Jeremy Eades, Kanda University
Norman Fewell, Meio University
Tetsuko Fukawa,  Kanda University
Wataru Gima, University of the Ryukyus
Tim Greer, Kobe University
Chad Hamilton,  Kanda University
Takaaki Hiratsuka, University of the Ryukyus 
Joseph Hosback, Ritsumeikan University
Yu Hsiang, University of the Ryukyus
Shawn Hupka,  Kanda University
Lorraine Kipling,  Kanda University
David Kluge, Nanzan University
Fernando Kohatsu, University of the Ryukyus
Nicholas Lambert, Toyo University
Ryan Lege,  Kanda University
Chris Leyland, Kobe University
Charlotte Lin,  Kanda University
George MacLean University of the Ryukyus
Samantha May, Kanda University
Bill Pellowe, Kinki University
Kristina Peterson, Ritsumeikan University
Jia Ping, National Taiwan University of Science 
Kim Rockwell, University of Aizu
Paul Shimizu, Fukuoka
Tokuyu Uza, Meio University
Kevin Watson, University of the Ryukyus
Madoka Yabiku, University of the Ryukyus

Featuring presentations by Kanda University's
Tetsuko Fukawa
 Stuart Benson
 Rachel Manley
 Krista Owen
 Sharon Sakuda
 Sam Morris
 Charlotte Lin
 Robert Werner
 Dana Patrick Brem
 Euan Bonner
 Joe W. Moody
 Adrienne Stacy
 Lorraine Kipling
  Anna Twitchell
 Barton Colmerauer
 Jackie Holowczyk
 Jeremy Eades
Presentations also by
Masanori Tokeshi, Meio University
Howard Higa, Chubu Gakuin University
Takaaki Hiratsuka, University of the Ryukyus

Didi Suherdi, Indonesia University of Education
Barry Bai, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Ivy Ho and Agnes Fong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Wen-Hua Chen, National Taiwan Normal University
Anthony Sellick and James Bury, Shumei University
David Aline and Yuri Hosoda, Kanagawa University
David Kluge, Nanzan University
Douglas Sweetlove, Kinjo Gakuin University
Matthew Taylor, Kinjo Gakuin University
Justin Foster-Sutherland, Kaiho High School
Ashley Ford, Nanzan University
Takaaki Hiratsuka, University of the Ryukyus
George MacLean, University of the Ryukyus
Dennis Patterson and Nadine Richard, Okinawa Amicus International School
Masanori Tokeshi, Meio University
Norman Fewell, Meio University
Kevin Watson, University of the Ryukyus

Tomofumi Yamashiro, Meio University
Motoiku Tamaki, Meio University
Masanori Tokeshi, Meio University
Donald Cherry, Hiroshima International University

Howard K. Higa, Chubu University
Eng Hai TAN, Meio University
David Kluge, Nanzan University
Makoa K. Carman, National Institute of Technology, Okinawa
Yuichi Ono, University of Tsukuba
Akiko Tsuda, Nakamura Gakuen University
Aya Toyama, Public Affairs, US Consulate General, Naha



List of Past Presentations

A Presentation Need Not Be A Trial
A Study of Mathematics Communication
Using Roman Jakobson’s Communication Model
Approaching SLA at Meio University
Apps Useful for Classroom Management
Blended Learning: Reflection on Experiences in Designing and Implementing eLearning Materials
CLIL for Food Culture in Kyushu and Okinawa
Can-Do list statements for English for General Academic Purposes
Capitalizing on the Strengths & Complementing the Weaknesses of Native & Non-Native English Speaking Teachers
Classroom Management Issues and Pastoral Care in Freshman University Courses
Communication Repair: If It's Broken, Fix It!
Creating Music Videos in a Project-Based Language Classroom
Employing Narrative Frames for Needs Analysis: The Case of a Newly-Hired Teacher
Encourage Active Participation with Answer Paddles
English for Sport Instruction & Coaching
English in Indonesian Schools: issues and challenges
Extensive Reading Gamification with Badges
First Impressions of False Models
First Semester Orientation and Survival Skills
Hong Kong Primary School Pupils’ Perceptions of English Learning
How to Teach English Pronunciation using Useful Websites
Incorporating Media Literacy into your EFL classroom
Inspire Your Students
Interaction During Peer Discussions: Conversation Analytic of Task-Based Language Learning
Introducing Medical Terminology to EFL Nursing Students
Language learning incorporated in global human resource development program
Lateral Thinking Puzzles: Strengthening language, creativity, and reasoning skills
Learning in Context: A Self-development Approach to Presentation Skills
Maximizing & Balancing "Active Learning" Approaches for Language Teaching
Maximizing Class Participation Through Google Plus Communities
Mobile Learning: Using Tablets in University English Writing Classes
Multiliteracies Pedagogy: Developing Vocabulary through Song Lyrics and Images
Music and Language Teaching: Affordances and Constraints of the Digital WorkStation
New! Basic Steps to Writing Research Papers, 2nd edition
Novel Study with Digital Supports
OER, Discussion Course, and Critical Thinking Skills
Oral Assessment for an English Communication Class
Organizing and Grouping Students in the Classroom: task-based activities
Out-of-class Conversation Recording Using Smartphones: Four Years in
Overcoming Barriers to Acquire Listening Skills
Perspectives on online collaborative L2 writing and communication
Poster debates: structured critical thinking for low-level learners
Pre-enactment and the Use of Physical Artifacts in Pre-class Planning Discussions
Preparing Students for a Debate Festival
Programs to Support English Teachers from the US Consulate General, Naha
Project Adventure: An Overview
Pronunciation Charts
Role Playing
Seeing is Believing: The Mechanics of Sound Production
Sharing Responsibility: Self Assessment and Self Evaluation
Short-Term Overseas Study
Social Behavior and Interaction: Okinawans in South America
Sprucing up your "assigned" textbook
Student Beliefs in Language Learning
Student Digital Literacy: A Study Using PDF Files for Reading
Student Perceptions of Medical English Curricula: A Survey
Student perspectives on explicit circumlocution training
Suprasegmental Instruction: Pausing and Intelligibility
Teaching Strategic Communication through Social Media Experiments
The Colour of English: Using Colour to Stimulate Language Learning
Development of Student IAF through a Continual Connective Curriculum for Self-regulating Learning
The Graphic Organizer Textbook Approach: A Learner-centered Approach to  Reading
The Impact of Classroom English on Student Attitudes and Behavior
The Influence of Interrogatives in Written Corrective Feedback
University Students' Anxiety towards English Language Study
Use of "Skype Online English Conversation" for intermediate-level students
Using Padlet in the Classroom
iLiterate: Multiliteracies and the iPad
iPads and the Learning by Design Knowledge Processes Framework